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FFI (Forever Freedom International) proudly presents a gas saver pill known as the MPG-Cap™:

  • Revolutionary innovation maximizes fuel savings for gas, diesel, and bio-diesel engines!

  • Boosts vehicle horsepower!

  • Minimizes air pollution because of more complete combustion! This means that old cars can more easily meet emission standards to pass registration tests.

How MPG-Cap™ works:

  • The active ingredient in the MPG-Cap™ creates a catalytic film on the combustion chamber surfaces of the engine.

  • Improves combustion between 10 and 30% by simply adding a $2.10 pill for each tankful of gas.

  • A typical 20% reduction in gasoline translates to a savings of 0.2 x 20 gallons= 4 gallons, assuming a 20 gallon tank. At say $5/gallon, that translates to a savings of $20, approximately 10 times the cost of the pill. Your net savings is then approximately $18 for each tankful of gas.

  • The MPG-Cap™ catalytic film increases engine power, in addition to reducing engine heat and exhaust emissions.

  • MPG-Cap™ is the only fuel conditioner that improves fuel combustion process and thus improves fuel consumption savings. Other fuel conditioners are nothing but cleaning agents.

  • For a technical presentation on the MPG-Caps in English with Hebrew subtitles, click here:

    How The MPG CAP Works Hebrew.mp4

Test Results

Shown below are actual gasoline savings from several customers. Note that cars running on gasoline have more significant savings than those running on diesel. Even so, there is a substantial savings for diesel engines.

Standard Maximum Dosage Guidelines (No conditioning dose necessary)

Videos produced by TV stations show tests performed using the MPG-Caps here:

Try it, you’ll like it!

You are also being offered the chance to use these amazing gas saving pills.

Promoting these gas saver pills also helps to keep the environment clean.